Who We Are

The Department of Cell and Regenerative Biology is committed to understanding the fundamental mechanisms by which living systems operate at cellular and molecular levels of organization. By embracing a wide range of contemporary and emerging approaches and experimental systems, we seek to define signaling and regulatory pathways that provide the basis for understanding, diagnosis and treatment of human disease. Basic research is the centerpiece of the Department and serves as the driving force behind teaching and training efforts. The overarching research interests of the Department are highly interdisciplinary, emphasizing molecular, cellular and systems approaches to describe biological processes in molecular terms. To maintain its excellence and stature, the Department is currently focusing on existing strengths in four research areas: Cell and Molecular Biology, Developmental Biology, Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology, and Cardiovascular Biology.

Recent Publications

* Muir AM, Massoudi D, Nguyen N, Keene DR, Lee SJ, Birk DE, Davidson JM, Marinkovich MP, Greenspan DS. BMP1-like proteinases are essential to the structure and wound healing of skin. Matrix Biol. 2016 Jun 27. (Epub before print)

*Lee S, Shatadal S, Griep AE. Dlg-1 Interacts With and Regulates the Activities of Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptors and EphA2 in the Mouse Lens. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2016 57:707-18.

*Plavicki JS, Squirrell JM, Eliceiri KW, Boekhoff-Falk G. Expression of the Drosophila homeobox gene, Distal-less, supports an ancestral role in neural development. Dev Dyn. 2016 245:87-95.

*Brody MJ, Lee Y. The Role of Leucine-Rich Repeat Containing Protein 10 (LRRC10) in Dilated Cardiomyopathy. Front Physiol. 2016 7:337.

*Lee J, Tong T, Duan H, Foong YH, Musaitif I, Yamazaki T, Jefcoate C. Regulation of StAR by the N-terminal Domain and Coinduction of SIK1 and TIS11b/Znf36l1 in Single Cells. Front Endocrinol (Lausanne). 2016 7:107.

*A new publication from Gary Lyons, Tim Kamp, Karen Downs and collaborators "Irx4 Marks a Multipotent, Ventricular-Specific Progenitor Cell" has just appeared in Stem Cells .

* Emery Bresnick's group's paper "GATA factor-dependent positive-feedback circuit in acute myeloid leukemia cells" has recently been published in Cell Reports.

* Highlighted in the July 1, 2016 issue of Molecular Biology of the Cell is a paper from Beth Weaver's lab:"High rates of chromosome missegregation suppress tumor progression but do not inhibit tumor initiation".

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Upcoming Department Events


*5/3/17, 1 pm - 6571 WIMR, Dale Abel: "Platelet Mitochondria, Metabolism and Thrombosis" Seminar Flyer

*5/10/17, 12:30 pm - Faculty Meeting, 4571 WIMR

*5/11/17, Time TBA, Seminar by Anita Bhattacharyya, UW Waisman Center

*5/17/17, 1 pm, 6571 WIMR,Hanna Mikkola: "Transcriptional Control of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Self-Renewal"

Future seminars...

News and Awards

*Welcome to our newest faculty member, Ricki Colman.

*Congratulations to the students of CRB faculty and affiliates who gave research presentations yesterday in the Undergraduate Symposium 2017.  These students are Brenna Bomkamp and Ryan Gigstad (Patti Keely lab); Cayla Guerra (Grace Boekhoff-Falk lab); Rachel Acevedo and Veronica Porubsky (Pam Kreeger lab); Cesar Martinez (Rupa Sridharan lab); Lindsey Waite and Maddie Kruk (Joe Kemnitz lab); Cyrus Colah (Ying Ge lab); Michael Bray, Jieun Heo and Kailee Kujawski (Darcie Moore lab); Jon Doenier (Judith Kimble lab).  Thanks to each of you for a job well done!

*Congratulations to Beth Weaver on receiving the H.I. Romnes Faculty Fellowship.

* Congratulations to Dan Greenspan and his group on their publication in Nature Communications: "α3 Chains of type V collagen regulate breast tumour growth via glypican-1"

* Congratulations to Joe Kemnitz and Ricki Colman on their publication in Nature Communications: "Caloric restriction improves health and survival of rhesus monkeys"

*Phillip Newmark is the first recipient of the Burnell R. Roberts endowed chair in Regenerative Biology. Phil and his eight-person team are working to better understand stem-cell-based regeneration processes, an important step toward potential therapies to repair or replace damaged human tissue.

*Professor Phillip Newmark , who has recently joined the Morgridge Institute and the Zoology Department, will have an affiliate appointment with CRB.

* Assistant Professor Darcie Moore has recently joined the Department of Neuroscience, and she will have an affililate appointment with CRB. Welcome Dr. Moore!

* Four undergraduates working with CRB faculty have received a Hilldale Faculty/Undergraduate Research Award for the 2016-17 academic year. They are:

  • Cayla Guerra (Prof. Boekhoff-Falk)
  • Cyrus Colah (Prof. Ge)
  • Jaime Brown and Cesar Martinez (Prof. Sridharan)

* Jun Wan, Physiology Graduate Training Program student with Beth Weaver, has been awarded a predoctoral fellowship from the American Heart Association starting July 1, 2016. Congratulations Jun!

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